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New Releases - June 2016

King of Tokyo new edition box

Today’s the big day! If your Friendly Local Game Store preordered the new edition of King of Tokyo, you can now go pick up your very own copy! As we said in a previous post (announcement), the new edition replaces Cyber Bunny and Kraken with Cyber Kitty and Space Penguin. It also features reworked, clearer rules and all-new art done by Regis Torres! Check out the comparison of the two editions by Game Boy Geek here or an overview by The Dice Tower here!

King of Tokyo Target box

Both this edition and the Target exclusive edition with Baby Gigazaur will be available for purchase through online and mass market retailers on July 14.

Monster Chase box and contents

Monster Chase, by Antoine Bauza, is also widely available, through both brick and mortar and online retailers. Our new version of the game features new artwork and a handful of variants that increase and decrease the game’s difficulty, making it enjoyable for young and old gamers alike! Watch the video rules here or an overview by The Dice Tower here!

Published 30 June 2016

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